Finally feeling healthy and authentic with help from legal pot

I wasn’t really sure I’d ever see the day that there would be legal weed. When I was in my twenties, I smoked a fair amount of recreational marijuana and it was great. There is no doubt that recreational pot made things a lot better back then. I was always so stressed at college. Feeling as though I was just over my head when it came to my field of study could be crushing at times. The recreational marijuana I used back then was just the ticket for gaining some perspective and easing up on myself. Well, those feeling about being overwhelmed by my studies was just a precursor to the way I would feel living an adult life. I just didn’t feel like I was worthy or good enough at being a grownup. That led to me indulging in food and booze to numb myself out. Of course, there is always an end game to that sort of path in life. Thankfully, when my end game arrived, there was legal weed. My therapist was the one who suggested that I revisit recreational marijuana to see if I could let go and just be. I hadn’t really used recreational pot in many, many years so I wasn’t exactly optimistic that I’d have great results. But I went to the cannabis store anyway to get some legal weed and see what happened. I’m thrilled to report that it’s been a year now using legal pot from the cannabis store and I’ve never felt better. I’m accepting myself for the first time and allowing myself the freedom and respect to be and feel the way that makes me my most healthy and authentic.


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