Finding just about anything I could want at the cannabis dispensary

I’m not exactly sure just what I was expecting.

But it sure wasn’t what I found the first time I went inside the cannabis dispensary.

The laws changed recently to allow for recreational marijuana in our state. Medical marijuana had been legal for many years. But getting a medical marijuana card was very the only way you could access the cannabis dispensary. That just didn’t help myself and others at all since I have always been a recreational marijuana user. Still, when the medical marijuana laws changed, I was ecstatic because that meant people were getting the cannabis products they need. There was so much needless suffering that has now been avoided thanks to the official sense of medical marijuana laws. At the same time, I was hoping that the medical marijuana would do so well and bring in such tax update that they would go with recreational marijuana. And that’s pretty much what happened. Still, having not been inside a cannabis dispensary, I just didn’t suppose what it was going to be like. I figured there’d be a few choices of sativa and indica products but pretty basic. So when I walked in the local cannabis spot for the first time, I was stunned by what I found. There were so many varieties of marijuana for sale that I was just gobsmacked. The best I could do was just wander the aisles. I assume that first trip, I purchased some hybrid strains for sale and a pot brownie. Yet, it was still amazing.


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