Finding the ideal weed strain

There are hundreds of weed strains produced by thousands of different cultivators.

Trying to find the ideal strain to suit my personal preferences, goals and body chemistry can be a challenge.

I like to visit dispensaries across the country and consult with the budtenders. Licensed dispensaries typically provide good quality cannabis that has been properly cultivated, packaged and tested. Because I enjoy smoking joints, blunts and pipes, their selection of smokable flower and pre-rolls are my focus. I look for weed with very little sticks and stems holding the bud together. I want a texture that is right between wet and dry. If the flower was carefully cured, it won’t feel dusty or sticky to the touch. The smell and taste of the flower is most important to me. Premier flower offers a fresh and ank smell that is easily detected. The strong cannabis musk scent lets me know that it’s a top-shelf product. Bad cannabis doesn’t even smell like marijuana but has an odor more like hay or fresh cut grass. The taste should be fresh and reflect the unique terpene profile. I choose high-THC strains for recreational enjoyment and those with higher CBD levels for curative purposes. I’ve found that smoking cannabis is a great way to relax at the end of a stressful day of work or mellowing out on the weekends. I also smoke a joint to alleviate the pain and stiffness of arthritis, combat headaches and to get a better night’s sleep. I vary between rolling my own joints and blunts and taking advantage of the convenience of pre-rolls.

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