Found a giant quantity of cannabis, what should I do?

Joe as well as I started fishing together many years ago, when I was dating her sibling.

That relationship didn’t toil out, unluckyly, but even after the breakup I reMained close with Joe. I believe she as well as I got along better than I ever did with her sibling. Once or twice a month Joe as well as I go fishing together. My great friend and I don’t hang out other than that, but last time my associate and I fished together, my associate and I took Joe’s fishing boat out into the Gulf to try our hand at athletic interest fishing. Sport fish are the absolutely large ones! My great friend and I didn’t find any marlin or redfin tuna, but my associate and I did come across a giant package of cannabis bobbing in the waves. I didn’t know what it was at first, just a perfect cube about two feet across, wrapped in plastic. It wasn’t until I hooked it with the gaff as well as brought it on board I realized that it was a compressed granite of marijuana. This is how cannabis is smuggled into the country, as well as for such a small granite it was remarkably heavy; Joe told me to throw the cannabis back in the water, even though I argued against that. I smoke a lot of cannabis, as well as I knew this would keep me high for years to come. There must have been forty or fifty pounds of cannabis in this brick! I told Joe that my associate and I could sell a few pounds of it as well as make a little money, however she didn’t want anything to do with illegal cannabis, especially since it definitely came from one of the cartels.

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