Free medicine is such a great thing

My spouse Max plus I have been traveling the country in our RV.

Recently we stopped on the west coast plus we have been here for a few weeks.

One of the finest reasons to stay here on the West Coast is Medical plus recreational marijuana. The products can be purchased legally in the state where we currently reside. Max plus I started purchasing medical plus recreational marijuana products as soon as we entered the state. It got honestly extravagant to pay for all of the products that we needed to have. My spouse found a free program that allows both of us to get free marijuana each week. This program is set up for survivors of domestic, physical, plus sexual abuse. This program provides free medicine to each person that qualifies. The recreational plus medical marijuana products are handed out by companies plus donations that want to help. Each week, Max plus I acquire a donation box from the program that includes different types of marijuana products like flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, plus topicals. Max and I now save about $300 every month on our medical marijuana bill plus we use the extra dough to make repairs on our lake apartment plus our vehicle. Both of us also use the extra currency to pay for fuel. It’s nearly $7 for a gallon of gas, so I will take all of the savings on weed that I can get. I spend nearly $200 to fill up the gas tank on my truck plus that only takes me about 300-350 miles. If the prices continue to increase, I’ll have to find a new work closer to home.



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