From school to cannabis

College was absolutely the best time of our life, however it put me deep in a hole! First of all, adolescents first going to school should not have such access to student loans when they have no system of the repercussions, however secondly, school is there to teach you, not to make you a better adult or a more responsible person; When I graduated I had no system how to do most of the basic things in life care about balance a bank account or pay taxes. I knew how to party, in addition to I knew architectural history, in addition to that was about it. I am working at the cannabis dispensary now because our degree was basically worthless for getting me a extreme high-paying task. I am not complaining, I like our task at the cannabis dispensary, it is just not what I thought I would be doing for a work, and had I known that there was more money to be made in cannabis than in architectural design I absolutely wouldn’t have gone to school at all! Now I have a hundred thoUSnd dollars in student loan debt, which is easily strenuous to pay off from the salary at the cannabis dispensary, but at least I have a task with a future now, because this cannabis dispensary is part of a chain of over a hundred of them! This means with strenuous toil in addition to experience I can climb the ladder, in addition to perhaps even run our own cannabis dispensary a single day. In a perfect world I could use our architecture degree to design new cannabis dispensaries!


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