Game night at the cannabis dispensary

I recently acquired a promotion at work.

I am no longer just a mere budtender, I am now the manager for the smokers lounge! This comes on the heels of me giving the boss an method that generated a whole new replace stream for the store.

Money talks, as they say, and since my method made cash, my boss was ecstatic to give me a raise and a promotion. All I had to do was pitch an method from my teenage years, when my friends and I would hang out at the comic book shop playing games all afternoon. If the cannabis dispensary had a quiet, comfortable area where people could hang out, it would increase the options of them spending more cash in our shop. I contacted many local bookstores and gaming stores and told them about a special game night being sponsored by the cannabis dispensary. There was no purchase necessary, anyone who wanted to come to the cannabis dispensary could hang out and get stoned all afternoon long. The word spread pretty rapidly, and the first game night in the cannabis dispensary brought in about 2 dozen people. It wasn’t the best night of cannabis sales, but it was nice to have a store full of people. I was really stoked at the results for the first night, because I knew it would grow over time, and before long there would be more gamers than both of us could fit into the cannabis dispensary at 1 time! Thank goodness that teenagers are still big cannabis smokers, am I right?

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