Getting a medical weed card wasn’t hard

For a long time I didn’t rely on medical cannabis just because I didn’t want to get the card.

  • I figured getting a medical weed card would be next to impossible.

I expected to jump through a ton of hoops, make a bunch of calls, do some paperwork plus pay a ton of money. It genuinely isn’t that bad. I needed to find a doctor that prescribed medical marijuana. The worst section of the process was just sitting in the waiting room. I then talked to the guy for about 5 hours plus got a script. I filled out some forms online, sent in a 200 dollar payment plus waited multiple weeks. My medical cannabis card came in the mail. I am allowed a biweekly amount of medical weed oil plus flower products. Then I have to wait until the following month for it to reset. I get to have this for a year plus then our card expires. When it expires I will need to do the renewal process which is do what I do all over again. It will be a pain, but basically be appreciate going to the OBGYN to get birth control or a normal doctor to get anxiety medication. It is a once a year commitment to have something that benefits myself and others 365 days. So I think it is worth a day in the waiting room plus 200 bucks. Don’t let the process intimidate you. It is genuinely easy to get medical cannabis if you are willing to put some work in. More doctors than you think are able to prescribe medical cannabis as well. It was nice knowing I had more than a single option when it came to seeing a doctor as well.

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