Getting high before the drag show

I went to a drag show last night, and it was a wildly good time.

I had never been to one of these things before, but a local outdoor cafe was hosting a Drag Night, so I took my wife and kids up there to check it out. All the drag queens were nice and playful and fun, and at one point one of them grabbed my arm and dragged me up on the little stage for a dance contest. I can’t dance, and having a hundred people staring at me didn’t help. But I had a secret weapon that helped me keep calm, cool, and collected – a head full of cannabis. I had smoked two full joints of OG Kush earlier in the evening, just to get mellow and prepare for a night out. I usually smoke cannabis before going out in public to do anything, because it keeps me so calm and mellow. Thanks to that OG Kush I didn’t get nervous with all those people staring at me. The cannabis gave me the confidence to get up there and have a good time, and yes, I even twerked on one of the drag queens! It wasn’t until several hours later when the effects of the cannabis were fading away, that I started to feel embarrassed about it. I am so reserved normally, so without cannabis there is no way I would have gotten up on the stage in front of so many people! I am glad I did, though, because it’s a night I will never forget.
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