Getting more from the tourists

Years ago I paid a dealer to do a business website for me. They set me up with all sorts of web pages, wrote the content themselves & got the curbside opening up from all set up. It was worth the money. For years I coasted off of fantastic web design & word of mouth. I noticed recently that I hit a stale point. My sales remained around the same every week. They were good, but not great. I entirely thought I could do better. I noticed I was a hit with the locals, but nobody out of the village even heard of my marijuana dispensary. I realized that my website didn’t rank very high on google. I started out with pay per click advertising. That means I get a top spot on google but pay for it anytime someone clicks on it. I felt like it was costing me money in the end. I realized that more organic results through SEO were smarter. I am not savvy in search engine optimization services though. So I hired an SEO dealer to do all of that for me. They targeted keywords for my area, cannabis products & so much more. Suddenly my website was ranking high on google. I have seen an influx of tourists coming into my store as well. The SEO corporation recommends giving my web design a bit of a facelift. It has been a few years. I have added things like cannabis delivery & a dab bar. It would be intelligent to do this. I want to have it done through this same corporation. They are so good.


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