Getting my cannabis product delivered

Okay, so I’m completely blown away by the fact that there is such a thing as a marijuana delivery service. This is simply incredible to me. I’m in my 50’s so I grew up when they absolutely still delivered stuff like milk and ice cream to the door. But I can remember when I was in highschool that pizza delivery became a thing. It was like a dream come true for me. I enjoyed pizza so much and would even order a pie on the sly. I’d pay for it with my money and then sneak it up to my room, but however, my dad would sniff it out and slip into my room for a slice. It was a cool moment. I’m wondering though if my dad would slip into my room these nights after following the smell of cannabis products that were delivered. I doubt it as he was pretty anti marijuana back then. But for me, it’s like the whole pizza paradigm playing itself out again. I like cannabis and have been a recreational marijuana user since college. That was not an straight-forward thing to be for a lot of years. I didn’t think of a cannabis grower or anything like that. I would have to take whatever marijuana I could get through friends. I said thank you and treated that weed like treasure. Yet, I didn’t think about the THC content, who grew it or where it came from back then. Now, I pull up the local cannabis dispensary online and peruse an extensive list of cannabis products. But now, I simply checkout online and they supply the cannabis right to my front door. It’s so amazing to me that I can still hardly think that it’s happening. But these nights, I’m not paying for cannabis delivery with my allowance.

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