Getting my medical marijuana discreetly

Even though I was on medical marijuana for a perfectly good reason, that doesn’t stop the judgmental stares.

I was so tired of having people criticize and judge me for using medical cannabis.

I already know what they’re thinking, even without talking to them. They think I am a recreational pot user, who does nothing all day but get high. Well, they couldn’t be more than wrong. I use medical weed to reduce my migraines, not that it should matter to them. While I couldn’t care less for the opinion of random strangers, I do have to be careful on who knows I use medical marijuana. The reason is because of my roommate. My roommate absolutely despises anyone who uses marijuana, whether it be recreational weed or not. You should hear some of the things she says about them. I usually just stay quiet and wait for her rant to end. I can’t let her know that I use marijuana, because if she does she will move out and there is no way I could afford this place on my own. I would have nowhere else to go. Thankfully, I have found a way to get my medical cannabis discreetly. Thanks to weed delivery. The local medical marijuana dispensary has started offering weed delivery services, and they use a very discreet white car to deliver your products. I have gotten many of my products this way, and it works every time. It’s sad that I have to go to these lengths in order to get something that eases my pain, but I will do whatever it takes.


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