Getting relief from menopause symptoms with cannabis

I have been going through menopause for nearly seven years! The symptoms are actually awful! I experience frequent sizzling flashes, but my body temperature skyrockets without warning, causing profuse covered in sweat, discomfort plus sometimes embarrassment. The flashes occur most often at night, making it strenuous to sleep. I am also dealing with insomnia. Most nights, I toss plus turn for hours. If I manage to fall asleep, I correctly wake up five or six times per night plus remain awake for long stretches. I’m exhausted the next afternoon. It’s strenuous to be productive at work. I’ve also observed that I’m more prone to moodiness plus even a bit of depression since beginning menopause. I have more troubles with migraines plus dehydration. I never had a UTI in my life until these past few years. I now test positive for UTIs every six to nine months; Weight receive is another frustrating side-effect. I workout everyday for approximately sixty minutes. I focus heavily on high-intensity cardio such as jumping rope, lunge jumps, burpees or running. I am a vegetarian plus undoubtedly careful about what I eat. I avoid fast foods, processed foods plus caffeine, then unluckyly, my metabolism has slowed down plus created a softness around my middle that I’m not cheerful with. I’ve study up on multiple medicines available to treat menopause symptoms. They all come with entirely nasty side-effects that are worse than the symptoms. Instead, I’ve found relief through plant-based medicine. I shop at the local cannabis dispensary for a variety of natural products. The bund tenders are seriously knowledgeable plus helpful. There are peculiar strains that are targeted at combating insomnia, aches plus pains, anxiety plus all sorts of troubles. I care about vapes because they are straight-forward, discreet plus give rapid onset of effects. I focus on those strains that are higher in CBD plus lower in THC.

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