Glad I didn’t handle the web build

I am really dumb when it comes to technology.

I have a difficult time even with emailing people.

When someone wants a PDF or a picture sent, forget about it. I opened up a cannabis dispensary and knew I wasn’t capable of doing my own website. I thought about hiring a local kid to just slap together a web design. Thank goodness I actually hired a web designer specifically for cannabis dispensaries. The guy was so great and made it exactly the way I wanted it. I wanted to be able to offer online ordering with either curbside pickup or cannabis delivery as an option. I had everything set up on my end, I just couldn’t make a website say that. They guy had that up and running without a problem. He then got me a facebook, twitter and google business listing. He posts to each platform throughout the month and also makes regular website changes. The actual website is just so pretty. The colors are mint green, gray and brown. The pictures are gorgeous and there are multiple pages of content. I know I couldn’t make that cannabis web design even with all the time in the world. It was really nice hiring out and cousin on things that I am good at. I had the time to hire good quality budtenders and talk with a local grower. Now I have a fully optimized website that is managed by a real professional. All businesses should consult with an SEO agency if they need a little technology help like me.

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