Having success with topicals

Three times per day, I apply cannabis-infused topicals.

I use them first thing in the morning, following my shower and right before bed. I have a number of issues that these topicals effectively treat. At one time, I purchased all different types of over-the-counter medicines that varied in effectiveness. I continually tried new options, hoping for better success. When cannabis was first made available in my state, it was only legal for medical purposes. Because none of my health problems are overly severe, I wasn’t sure that I would qualify for my card. I was also reluctant to devote the time and money for a card that is only valid for one year. As soon as recreational cannabis was legalized, I started shopping at the dispensary. Although I am considered a recreational customer, I am able to purchase products created for curative benefits. I mainly choose topicals. I experiment with different strains, cannabinoids, terpenes and consumption methods and have had especially good results with cannabis-infused topicals. The dispensary sells ointments, lotions, sprays, roll-ons, balms, soaks, bath bombs and transdermal patches. For the arthritis in my fingers, I search for ointments that absorb quickly and are good for treating swelling, pain and stiffness. For the psoriasis on my elbows and knees, I use a gel, and for my problems with leg cramps, I use a roll-on. I enjoy the soothing properties of the bath bombs, especially those that include essential oils from lavender. I’ve just recently discovered a whole line of cannabis-infused skincare topicals. There are anti-aging serums that I really like.

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