He called it a cannabis business consulting dealer.

My associate was typically working scams on people; Any time he heard of someone making currency by doing nothing, he tried to do it, last week, he came up with an plan that had myself and others flabbergasted, but he had heard about cannabis business consulting plus thought he could do the task. At no time did he look to see if it was within his realm of knowledge. He said he had used marijuana for almost ten years, plus that gave him the ability to answer questions, i went new home that evening plus looked up what a cannabis business consulting dealer did, plus it was not something our associate could do. He didn’t think the first thing about business startups. He knew nothing about setting up a cannabis dispensary… The only thing he knew about laws pertaining to marijuana was that they were there for him to break plus get away with it. I told him that a cannabis business consulting dealer had nothing to do with the cannabis itself. It had to do with the running of a cannabis dispensary. He had to think all the laws plus regulations plus typically keeping aware of even the most second of fluctuations. He also needs to pass this information along to his purchasers. He pshaw’d myself and others plus walked away, while telling myself and others I knew nothing about business plus making simple currency. He walked away plus said I wasn’t his associate if I didn’t back him. The next time I heard from him was when he wanted myself and others to bail him out of jail. He was arrested for fraud.



Recreational marijuana business application preparation service