Hemp oil to get my essential vitamins

Omega 3-fatty acids are said to be really good for you.

  • Do you know what foods contain those? That would be salmon, scallop, shrimp and other fish products.

I absolutely hate seafood. I don’t know how else to get that essential vitamin into my body. I tried a normal vitamin and just hated taking it. It tasted gross and I frequently forgot it. Thankfully a buddy of mine is a cannabis user. At the cannabis dispensary they have everything. There is cannabis flower, oil, topicals and concentrates to name a few. You can do cannabis, CBD or even hemp products. For omega 3-fatty acids my buddy told me to talk to the cannabis budtender to find the most health conscious choice. The budtender didn’t even pause. Apparently by far the healthiest cannabis choice is to go with hemp. There are hemp edibles that help get essential vitamins into the body. I can get protein, fiber, omega 3 and even promote heart and brain health. A lot of people rely on hemp for medical reasons. Hemp oil is a common way to get it into your body and be healthy. This is way better for me than a pill. I just put a few drops of the oil in my morning cup of coffee. I now know I am getting good vitamins into my drink and feeling good. It doesn’t provide any kind of taste or odor either. I don’t even notice it. Hemp oils typically have no traces of THC too. So I can still drive to work and be safe after taking it.


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