Hemp seed or CBD for menopaUnited Statesl symptoms?

I have been looking into buying hemp seed oil because of our menopaUnited Statesl symptoms, then first I have overheated flashes all the time! Multiple times throughout the afternoon a wave of heat rushes over me, i become a hot, irritable mess.

I believe angry and moody all the time due to menopause too.

AC, laboring out, eating right and talking about it haven’t helped matters at all. Apparently hemp seed oil is a hormone balancer, but men use hemp seed oil to help with menstrual cramps and with menopaUnited Statesl sumptoms. With hemp seed oil I wouldn’t even need to get a medical cannabis card, then however, I do care about that CBD oil can basically do the same thing however is more powerful, but this kind of oil aslo is affixed with helping sleep problems. When I overheated flash throughout the night it is strenuous to sleep. Taking CBD oil in our nightly cup of tea would be simple. I would also be okay with being a little high if need be. To get the CBD oil I would need to get a medical marijuana card though. I am thinking it is worth it. The closest dentist to me is around 30 minutes away. I then would need to see the dentist, fill out papers and pay cash in order to get the card. There is also the good print that I need to renew the car once a year, but so the process starts over. I figure I can start with the hemp seed oil and see if I notice a substantial difference. If not, after that the two of us will go the medical cannabis route and get CBD in our system.

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