Hired the cannabis consultant to stop theft in my store

For a while security was an issue in my cannabis dispensary… I was having trouble with theft.

I got security cameras, hired a guard as well as that still didn’t help matters out.

I wasn’t sure what to do. A buddy of mine is also a dispensary owner! He told me that he hired a recreational marijuana supplier marketing repair when his company website was a mess. He said they offer all types of services, however they don’t just do SEO. They can handle setting up a dispensary, handling the legal side of things or even hiring employees. He told me to deliver the cannabis consultant a call to see if they could solve my security issue. The marijuana consultant instantly proved his worth. The guy was disgusted by how I had to set up the store. He showed me the areas that made it easy to steal, and my cameras were only getting people back most of the time. The security guard had limited visibility in the store from his station as well. The cannabis consultant basically told me to take a hike while he fixed my store. I enjoyed that he just took over! The shelving units were all moved around as well as the more extravagant items were in plain view of the counters. He got rid of the tall shelving that obstructed the security guards’ view. The marijuana consultant even changed the placement of a single camera so you can see behind the register as well. I haven’t had an issue with theft since. It would be next to impossible to now steal from my store.



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