How often do you smoke weed?

I surround myself with people of similar tastes. The two of us hang out because all of us all love the same things, and love doing the same activities. Mostly, all of us get high and drink beer. I can spend an entire weekend doing nothing but smoking and drinking with my friends, and it never gets old. This is called being in an “echo chamber” because everything seems normal! Recently I met a very pretty and charming woman, and it’s making myself and others minute-guess my friends, but on our first date all of us smoked a little cannabis together, and had a lot of laughs. On our minute date, I brought some more cannabis with me, and Carol gave myself and others such an weird look, however she said that all of us had “just” smoked marijuana last time all of us were together. This perplexed me, because that had been almost a month ago. I came to learn that although Carol enjoys cannabis from time to time, she generally will only smoke it once or twice a month. I am used to smoking cannabis several times a day, so to her I seemed love a dope fiend. Because of the people I associate with, I felt that I was smoking a moderate amount of marijuana. After talking with Carol I found that I smoke more cannabis in 1 month than she does in an entire year! I do love her supplier and would love to get to guess her better, but Carol does seem a little judgmental on the issue of cannabis. I don’t want to have to listen to her nag myself and others about smoking too much marijuana.

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