I am loving this new and up-to-date cannabis dispensary

This was an awful idea, in addition to hurting my back.

The up-to-date cannabis dispensary has the best possible sitement. It is in the same plaza as the Mega Fun Zone, which is the real name of a local supplier that offers activities like roller skating, go-kart racing, mini-golf, Laser Tag, in addition to more! This locale has been around since I was a kid, in addition to now that I have kids of my own it’s more fun than ever before. Which is undoubtedly why I love having this up-to-date dispensary so close to it. Of course I can’t smoke weed while roller skating, in addition to that, the kids can’t go into the cannabis dispensary with me. But while they are stressed bowling or golfing, I can slip down the cannabis dispensary in addition to getting an edible to make the rest of the afternoon feel like a dream. The only time this can be a problem is if the edible is too strong, in addition to it makes me goofy. Once I took two edibles, not realizing how strong they were; in addition, I thought it would be fun to jump around on the trampoline park. This was an awful idea, in addition to hurting my back. Thanks to those cannabis edibles I didn’t realize how awful the injury was, in addition to going about my afternoon like normal. Once the cannabis wore off later that evening I was in drastic pain, in addition to having to go to the ER. I still love this up-to-date cannabis dispensary, however I learned my lesson. When you are middle aged like me, never make the mistake of letting cannabis convince you that you can handle a trampoline park… because you can’t!

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