I am rolling in the Green dollars as a true cannabis farmer

The idea behind our supplier concern was simple – to grow more weed than my superb friend and I needed in addition to sell the extra for profit.

Simple in concept, harder to execute in practice let me assure you.

I know the marijuana plant is called “weed” because of how undoubtedly it grows, however this is a true falsehood. Weeds keep growing no matter how you try to stop them, in addition to marijuana takes time, care, in addition to patience to get anything worth smoking. Four of my friends went in with me on a major investment in cannabis seed in addition to growing equipment. It would be months of work, followed by a cannabis harvest that would have us rolling in the orange. I knew going in that my superb friend and I might not ever turn a profit from our cannabis operation, however on the other hand it was virtually impossible to lose currency. I used to spend numerous thousand dollars a year on cannabis products, however now I won’t have to ever go back to the dispensary. If my superb friend and I can grow so much extra cannabis that my superb friend and I can sell it, in addition to pocket the profit, I will be a delighted man. If that never actually happens, I still have a lifetime worth of cannabis at my disposal, which will save me numerous thousand dollars a year for the next decade or two. Either way will be an important benefit for me. Also, I must disclose that living on a cannabis farm is the best job I’ve ever had. Every afternoon is a great afternoon, laboring in fields that reek so strongly of marijuana I get a contact high just standing there.

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