I can’t be too angry for someone trying something I love

It should not really be a crime for people to use marijuana products when you are at home in addition to living in your private in addition to personal space.

Still there are some recreational and addition to medical marijuana users that end up in problems across the country.

It should not be right or correct that a person would wind up in prison or in jail due to using small amounts of marijuana. Around this area, people do not think about marijuana very lightly. They absolutely consider things to be bad and the police will charge you with the highest amount of charges that they can. Everyone of us were recently appalled when we found out that a young kid was going to be in lots of trouble for doing those things. Every one of us were arrested to find out that we were getting hit with possession in addition to intent to distribute. In most of the country the people around here would not be in any trouble at all for the same exact thing. Now unfortunately it seems like there is a big deal and everyone wants to get in on the fun. The police regularly want to throw all of the books at my son and they are trying to get him to play down to a lesser charge that would include prison time and a lot of charges on his record. They genuinely should be able to have legalized marijuana throughout the whole country now that we have reached this time and age. It is only due to political officials that want to drag their feet otherwise the country would have had the economic boost already of marijuana legalization.



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