I could smell marijuana in the restaurant

My wife and I went to the opening of a brand new restaurant.

  • I got reservations from a contractor friend of mine that was on the job.

He was one of the top crew members that built the restaurant and got things ready for opening night. He scored a bunch of free tickets and gave two to my wife and I. The restaurant is located downtown in an area that is up and coming. The restaurant turned out to be located on the other side of the street from a marijuana dispensary. My wife and I were seated right next to the front of the restaurant and we could see people moving in and out of the marijuana dispensary all night long. The parking lot for the dispensary was busy and there were lots of lights on outside. The smell of marijuana was so strong that I could smell it inside of the restaurant. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, but the smell of marijuana was something that I would mention in the review if I was a restaurant critic. The food was not as good as I hoped, but the service was excellent. The manager and the staff took care of everyone and made sure that we were happy. If the food had been a lot better, I would probably give the restaurant four stars instead of just three. A better chef might be able to make some changes to the food menu to liven it up a bit, but the chef that night was very boring and basic.

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