I didn't know who was following me for that long

My mom didn’t want me to work as a delivery driver, because she thought it was a dangerous job for a woman.

She was worried that I would get mugged or raped while I was on a delivery.

I tried to tell my mom not to worry, but she insists that I have to be careful at all times. My mom’s advice rang in my ears a couple of weeks ago when I encountered a problem that had me very shaken up. I work for a marijuana delivery service in the city. I leave the delivery service twice a day with orders. I usually have 8 or 10 deliveries to take to customers. I left the marijuana dispensary and I had a car full of deliveries. The first one went downtown. The customer was on the 6th floor of an apartment building. I had to park my car in the garage and walk up. I hate parking my car in the garage, because I can’t watch it from the street and I don’t know if someone is breaking into my vehicle. I am responsible for all of the marijuana inside of the car at all times. After I left the apartment building, I headed downtown to another address that was only a few blocks away. I noticed someone pull out of the parking garage behind me and the same car followed me all the way to my next delivery. I thought it was very strange, especially when the car stopped at the end of the road. When I came back out to the car after delivering marijuana products, I noticed the car at the end of the street. I was supposed to make another marijuana delivery about 5 Mi away, but I drove back to the store instead.


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