I didn't remember the kids name

Something very strange and unusual happened last week when I was at work.

A customer came to the cannabis shop and presented the person at the front with an identification card that stated she was 21 years old.

The identification card did not come up as stolen or fraudulent, so I helped the person with their order. The young person bought a large amount of cannabis supplies from the store. The person spent far more money than most young people do and maxed out the allowable amount for the day with 8 grams of cannabis concentrate and 1 oz of cannabis dried flower. Later that day, the manager of the cannabis shop received a phone call. It was from the county sheriff’s office and they wanted information on a specific transaction from earlier. It was the transaction with the person that I handled. The police came down to the cannabis shop for more information, but I couldn’t even remember the kids name. I really couldn’t provide any helpful information. I wish that I would have been able to help them, but it looks like the person will probably get away with the crime. I wonder how the police found out in the first place. The boss told me that no one from our store called to say anything about the license or the order. Perhaps the underage buyer might have gone to more than one dispensary during the day. The system will flag you if you get to an unreasonable amount and oftentimes they will then ask for double verification to verify your name and address.