I didn’t think they had pharmacists for medical cannabis.

No 1 ever told myself and others they would have pharmacists at the medical cannabis dispensary.

I was under the assumption that I could go to the medical cannabis dispensary and choose whatever item I wanted. I thought I could purchase enough medical marijuana to get high and stay high for days, but the dentist told myself and others I could purchase what I wanted and as much as I wanted, however it wasn’t happening that way. I walked into the marijuana dispensary and the first thing they told myself and others was that being a new patient; I had to talk to a pharmacist. I didn’t want to talk to a pharmacist, however what I wanted to do was go into the medical marijuana dispensary and order some marijuana. When they directed myself and others to talk to the pharmacist, my entire plan was foiled, but she asked why I was there and what I wanted from the medical marijuana. She explained that medical marijuana was not meant to help someone get high, however to help with pain, nausea from chemo, or anxieties. There were many reasons to use medicall marijuana, however not for getting high. I told her I had anxieties, which is why I wanted medical marijuana. She took myself and others up to the counter and told the woman what she wanted myself and others to try. I’m not sure it was what I wanted, however it was what needed… As much as I wanted to get high and believe better, I found out that the medical marijuana she prescribed worked better than any high ever did. I was controlling my anxieties and not just getting high.

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