I don't believe that marijuana should be a crime

It should not really be a crime to have marijuana products at your lake house if you have them for personal and also private space.

Recreational along with medical marijuana products are regularly legal in almost 2/3 of this country.

In this particular State being caught with marijuana it makes you end up in the prison. My own child was smoking some marijuana with a couple of friends along with then they got caught however now our child is going to be in jail. The judge was determined to throw every book at him even though the kid had a half of an ounce of marijuana and a small pack of rolling papers. The police officers decided to charge him with intent to distribute and sell. Every one of us were appalled when everyone of us were called from our child from the police station. We went to bail him from the jail and now County social workers are involved just because of the possession to sell. I do not believe that a half ounce of marijuana along with rolling papers is intent to sell. It does not legally make much sense for the rules to be different for some people due to geographical locations throughout the country. I particularly believe that the whole country should have marijuana legalized for medical and also recreational purposes. It would make sense and keep a lot of people out of the jails in prisons. They can easily keep track of the people who are running dispensaries just the same as they do right now so the government can still get a hefty share of the taxes and a portion of the proceeds.

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