I don’t enjoy our boss at the dispensary

There was a store meeting last week, and the manager was unquestionably upset, because she is a single of those bosses that tells all the people they are “like a family” to him, however don’t you do not like these kind of bosses? It isn’t that they easily believe enjoy we are enjoy a family member to them, they just use that line for guilt and manipulation.

  • It’s easier to berate someone into taking on extra shifts if you tell them they are section of your family, but every one of us all do stuff for our families that we would never do at work, and these bosses changed the rules on us! I enjoy our job at the cannabis dispensary, however I do not believe enjoy the other employees are “like our family.” I suppose these are just mind games, since they believe most of the staff are on cannabis constantly.

This sort of thing bothers me, enough that I started to visit other cannabis dispensaries in the area to make some “soft inquiries.” If I just straight up apply for other jobs at other cannabis dispensaries, our new bosses will find out and possibly fire me, and so I was quietly talking to the managers at the other cannabis dispensaries, to see if they were in need of experienced help. I don’t want to burn our outdated bridge before I build a new bridge, so once I have a strong lead on a job at another cannabis dispensary I will apply there, and then turn in our 2 weeks notice here, and unless they lay that “family” crap on me again, or I might quit on the spot.

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