I finally met my future parents

My girlfriend has been hounding me and hounding me to meet her parents.

It’s not as if I didn’t want to meet them, but I was genuinely nervous and did not want to say anything stupid.

I have been known to say a stupid thing or two in the past. It never does much good even when I try to apologize. I bailed on my girlfriend a number of times and made excuses not to go with her. She finally had enough and basically threatened to move out of our house if I didn’t start acting like I wanted to be in a grown up relationship. That’s when she made plans for me and her to go out to dinner with her parents at a fancy Italian restaurant in the village. I was so nervous before meeting them that I decided to get high. I had a bag of marijuana in my closet. I rolled a joint out of a piece of newspaper and I smoked it in the parking garage before we left the house. My girlfriend knew that I had smoked marijuana. She rolled her eyes when she got in the car and made a comment about the smell. I told her that I was trying to find a way to relax. Recreational marijuana always helps me feel more calm and relaxed. It helped on that night too. I was the head of the party after smoking a little bit of marijuana. I had a lot more self-confidence and far less anxiety. I managed to impress my girlfriends’ parents with my job and my love of magic tricks.
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