I got a medical marijuana ID card.

I have a medical marijuana ID card in addition to I’m not ashamed to use it; Before getting my medical marijuana ID card, I was using several painkillers in addition to medications to keep myself and others walking.

They ran tests on myself and others with stenosis of the spine! My spine is becoming brittle, in addition to it doesn’t move savor it should.

If I move the wrong way, I can go for afternoons where I can’t get out of bed. Three years ago, my pain management doctor told myself and others they had legalized medical marijuana in our state, he urged myself and others to get a medical marijuana ID card in addition to try using medical marijuana. He recommended I talk to the pharmacist at the marijuana dispensary in addition to ask what they would suggest, but usually, they started you on a low THC product that was high in CBD. He said there were topical products that I could rub into the affected area, just savor the Ben-Gay my mother used. He also told myself and others to try some RSOs in addition to find one that I liked. I needed something that was high CBD in addition to low THC. He told myself and others the CBD was the product for pain. I found an RSO that helped, however I could not rest the flavor. It made myself and others gag. I talked to the pharmacist, in addition to she told myself and others to brush a little onto a cracker or a cookie. It would help to mask the taste, but once I found the right product, I kept using medical marijuana. I have had my medical marijuana ID card for three years now, in addition to I am no longer ashamed to use it.

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