I got a zip of marijuana for $79 this week

A zip of marijuana is slang for an ounce.

  • I never knew the terminology until I moved to a recreational marijuana state.

I was living down south where recreational marijuana isn’tlegal. If I wanted to buy an ounce of marijuana from a guy on the street, I was going to spend money about $200. The cost for that ounce of marijuana in the dispensary was even higher because the state only allowed medical sales. After I moved to the West coast, I started using even more recreational marijuana products. They were much easier to find and obtain. I met a couple of guys this week when I went fishing at the reservoir. I was there most of the afternoon in my kayak and there were some other guys there too. They were smoking marijuana on the side of the water and I pulled up my kayak next to them to see if they had some buds that they could offer to me. One of the guys named Jack gave myself and others a joint and I sat and talked with the guys while all of us smoked marijuana. The guy told myself and others that he could offer myself and others a zip of marijuana for $79; When I found out that it was the same marijuana that both of us were smoking, I was ready to provide the guy currency. I had $79 in my money clip, thankfully. I did not have to go to an ATM or leave the area. I told the guy that I would happily take a zip of marijuana for 79 bucks, then before the guy left the lake that afternoon, I got a fat sack of marijuana and the guy’s iPhone number so I can call him next time I need weed.


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