I got an idea from the comic book store

When you run a small contractor you constantly have to keep your eyes open for nice ideas; When I go shopping, be it to local contractor or when I am in another town, I always look for ideas I can use, and as the best possible example, let me tell you about what I l earned from going to see a comic book store… I was taking our nephew to pick up some Marvel comics, and decided to look around the store while I waited.

In the back was a special room filled with tables and chairs, where local youngsters could hang out and play games.

I realized I needed something similar for our cannabis dispensary, a smokers lounge where people could hang out and study or play games. I felt this would be a brilliant addition to our shop, because I believe there are a lot of customers that can’t smoke cannabis at home. Almost every day the security guard has to tell people to leave the parking lot, because they rest in their cars smoking cannabis before leaving. With a smokers lounge our customers wouldn’t have to leave, or rest in their car, they could hang out inside, eating edibles, smoking cannabis, and hanging out, but much enjoy the comic book store, I need to supply a comfortable setting, so that people would be tempted to rest down and smoke cannabis here. All I need is some tables and chairs, some ambient music to set the tone, and perhaps a cooler of cannabis infused drinks for straight-forward access. I am gleeful about this new idea!

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