I learned a lot about medical marijuana from an article

My wifey plus I were kneeling in the doctor office plus she got to see the healthcare worker before me.

I had to wait about a half an hour plus I studied some magazine articles while I was waiting.

One of the magazine articles was about medical marijuana. I really did not know too much about medical marijuana before I studied the article. It was particularly educational plus informative! The evidence talked about the use of marijuana for particular mental health conditions such as panic attacks, anxiety, plus ptsd. All of the studies conducted showed that health issues certainly can be helped by marijuana. I started thinking about all of the issues I actually have with anxiety plus panic attacks. I grew up in a household where there was a lot of yelling plus fighting, however every time I hear a loud noise, I actually feel sad plus anxious. The healthcare worker said that this panic disorder is due to ptsd, however when I have anxiety or panic, I easily feel a lot of terrible symptoms. I sweat plus feel entirely sick to my stomach… Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. I learned from the more than two page article plus when my wifey got out of the doctor, I decided to talk to her about medical marijuana. It’s not a conversation that my pal and I have had in the past so she was absolutely caught by surprise. She was thinking that I had an interesting conversation with someone in the lobby, but I told her it was an article in the times that changed my mind plus made me think about medical marijuana as a great treatment option for me.

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