I like making food that's infused with cannabis oil

After so many years of cooking without a recipe, I decided to finally buy a couple recipe books.

I learned how to cook when I was a little kid.

While I definitely learned a lot when I was working for a kitchen when I was in college, I learned most of my cooking skills from my parents. They had me cooking at a really young age, and before that they had me tasting their food in the kitchen while they were cooking it. My mother used to dip saltine crackers and pots of chili and stew to let me have tastes as the food was developing. I think there is some subconscious effect of osmosis going on where my brain learned to understand the evolution of a particular meal as it’s being cooked on the stove for instance. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with complex flavors and food. It’s a really fun hobby because you get to reap the benefits of your hard work right after you’re done with something that might be so delicious it leaves you with a memory for life. One of the things that I love to cook is anything infused with cannabis oil. Can make your own cannabutter by sauteing cannabis buds in butter at a low temperature and then straining it out, or you can simply buy syringes of cannabis oil from the cannabis dispensary to add to various food products. It might be cheating in some people’s minds, but that’s the way I like to do it. I focus my efforts on the meal itself, and then add the cannabis oil later. It’s really nice making these meals with the cannabis oil and experiencing something that’s delicious at the same time.

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