I like smokable flower

I’ve tried all of the odd cannabis consumption methods.

I am blessed that recreational marijuana is legal in my state.

The local dispensary offers a complete selection of the most popular brands and strains of cannabis. They sell a immense variety of edibles, including gummies, chocolates, hard candies, baked goods and beverages. They offer concentrate in all odd forms, such as diamonds, shatter, live sauce, hash, kief, wax and budder. The vapes are available in an amazing spectrum of flavors. Along with salves, balms and ointments, the range of topicals covers bath bombs, lip balms and transdermal patches. After sampling all sorts of options, I’ve come back to dried flower… Nothing compares to the old-school proposal of smoking. I’ve l acquired how to determine premium bud. I check for a pungent odor and vivid colors. The surface should be covered with crystal-like trichomes where the cannabinoids and terpenes are found. I make sure the pistils are the bright-orange of maturely harvested plants. The texture should be somewhere in-between dry and sticky. There can be no signs of mold or webs. Most often, I purchase flower and roll my own joints. I care about the ability to customize the amount of weed and tightness of the roll. If I don’t have the time, I simply buy pre-rolls. I can be sure of the consistency of pre-rolls joints and blunts. The affordability of singles allows me to sample new strains. I buy my favorites in packs and occasionally choose infused varieties for a boost of potency. With pre-rolls, all I need to do is light up, inhale and enjoy. Whether I shop for loose flower or pre-rolls, the dispensary sells all types of indicas, hybrids and sativas.



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