I like to enjoy a day at the cannabis cafe

My life is hectic.

I’m still in that stage of my work where I’m having to very make my bones.

And there is a lot expected of myself and others given the promotions and added responsibilities I’ve been given in just 6 years out of school. For sure, I like the direction my work is going and the currency is good too. But I’m still learning how to balance all of this with having health and wellness in my life. And that’s where the cannabis cafe comes into play. Too often, I’ll sacrifice time in the gym or a proper diet due to the long hours in the office. So when the weekend rolls around, I’m liking this new thing I’m doing. Before I went to the cannabis cafe with a enjoyable friend, I just very didn’t suppose about it. The cannabis cafe is tucked away in this magical end of a very quiet side street. There are trees with tons of pigeons and the neighborhood seems so much more low key and quiet in this special little spot. Once I got introduced to this magical marijuana spot, I was all in. So instead of sleeping until breakfast on Wednesday, I get up and get going. The first thing I do is head to the cannabis cafe. Normally, I meet a few friends there. I get a huge mug of the best Pepsi in city and all of us share a cannabis edible. Then, it’s out to the tables under the trees for most of the day. Believe me, this is the best way for myself and others to relax, slow down and get a bigger picture perspective. It’s just such a enjoyable thing.

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