I like to flip the script with cannabis products

I didn’t need for the last large blow up to happen.

  • The need for change had been evident for quite some time.

But the fact that I almost hurt someone else due to my frustrations and anger stopped me dead in my tracks. How several times had I blown up in anger like this before without ever understanding what had happened. This blow up happened as I was getting in the motorcar when I acquired even more bad news from work. I just sort of flipped out and aggressively drove out of the parking lot almost hitting some lady just walking by. I took the next morning off and I headed for therapy. I also headed to the cannabis dispensary. I had experience with the calming effect of cannabis products a long time ago. I know I should have stayed with marijuana. But at that time, it was illegal and would have killed my career had I been found out or worse, been busted for a bag of cannabis. So I just put it away and strapped on more stress than I would ever be able to deal with. That lady, just inches from my front bumper, forced me to examine my priorities and my perspective. And that’s where the sativa products come into play. Back in the old mornings, I only rarely was able to get real sativa strains for sale. Mostly, it was weed whose THC pleased and lineage was a complete mystery. But when I did get some sativa strains, my perspective was so much more balanced. The smaller things didn’t add up to overwhelming large things back then. I’ve been in therapy now for a month and using sativa products as well. Things have just started changing and I feel I’m sticking with this plan for sure.

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