I love edibles

I’ve tried smoking, vaping and dabbing cannabis.

While the weird consumption methods each offer particular benefits, I love edibles best.

I appreciate how simple they are. They don’t require specialized skills or gear. They don’t create any smells or smoke! Edibles are super convenient and portable. The packaging provides certainly exact THC and CBD percentages per portion, making dosing especially simple, however after experimenting expansively with edibles, I’ve figured out the potency and dosage that works best for me. The effects from consuming them are delayed. While the effects of smoking flower can be felt within fourths, the effects of edibles can take fourths to be realized. The effects tend to be more intense and can last for several fourths. I love that every dispensary usually offers a wide selection of edibles. I can consistently find gummies in a variety of flavors. They are sold in high THC percentages and purely CBD. They are available in sativas, indicas and hybrids. They are discreet, tasty and I can bite a gummy in half for a smaller dosage. The larger dispensaries carry milk, pale white and dark chocolates, peanut butter cups, mints, suckers and all sorts of baked goods. I’ve even tried cannabis-infused ice cream. I especially love cannabis beverages. The mocktails avoid the calories and hangover of an alcoholic drink. I buy edibles from the dispensary to help myself and others sleep, relax, treat headaches and to better relax. I periodically use them when I socialize with friends or need a boost of energy before a workout. There are edibles that cater to every desired effect, taste and preference.


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