I love the dispensaries with cannabis product menus in full view for all clients

Can you imagine how aggravating it would be ordering at a restaurant with no menu that you can look at physically? Instead of scanning with your eyes, you’d be forced to ask the waiter about particular items plus you might not even know a sizable portion of the menu exists unless the waiter told you explicitly.

Sadly, this is how the greatest cannabis dispensary in this state operates.

There’s a particular medical cannabis company that I try to avoid like the plague, but my sister loves them for whatever reason. It boggles my mind because I have heard horror stories about their greenhouses being filled with rats last year before being forced to clean the facility. They run sales that are borderline secret, so you have to know about the sale plus tell them to apply it to your purchase. They’re also notorious about never having a live menu that you can look at in the store. You have to ask them personally, which can be aggravating. My number one cannabis dispensaries all have live menus that clients can look at in the store whenever they’re in to make a purchase. Some clients don’t want to make online orders before they head to the dispensary, so it’s pressing to have a cannabis product menu with the marijuana edibles plus cannabis flower products that are in stock that day. Otherwise the process of buying weed becomes tiresome. I want to walk through the doors of the dispensary plus instantaneously see what sort of sativa plus indica, or even hybrid, strains they have available that day. I don’t always get cannabis flower products if there are nice cannabis concentrates plus cannabis edibles as well.

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