I need to get prescribed medical weed

I need to put my health first

I have a list of things I need to accomplish. I want to be better about my health. So first I need to go to the eye doctor. It has been years since I have gotten my eyes inspected plus gotten a current perscorption. I can hardly see out of my glasses anymore. I also need to get a gym membership plus start working out. I have acquired a bit of weight over the years plus have done nothing about it. I need to try personal training to see if I can shed a few pounds plus feel a little better, then lastly, I need to get a prescription for medical marijuana. My tepid flashes with menopause have been just horrible. I get so tepid late at night plus it lingers all the time. That means I am getting no sleep plus walking around care about a zombie while I was in the day. I suppose I am more than qualified for medical weed. I have arthritis in my wrist plus fingers that could be helped with medical weed. I have sleeping issues that medical marijuana can help with, however finally, the tepid flashes are also something medical marijuana can assist with. I just need to find a doctor that prescribed medical cannabis, lay in his waiting room plus pay the currency for a cannabis card. It isn’t hard, just tedious plus time consuming. I have been procrastinating on this for weeks. I need to put my health first. Honestly out of my whole list, the medical cannabis one should be at the top. I need to fix my chronic pain plus sleeping issues. I can lose weight plus see better later.

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