I needed to make changes on the website.

I had done web development professionally for years, so when I saw the notification from one of the cannabis shops I worked with, I knew that I hadn’t done the work.

  • They had a website with us for three years, and the director was griping about all the pricing for their sales being wrong wrong.

I pulled up my notes for the pricing lists, but I found nothing on there about sales. I called the shop director and asked what changes he wanted on the website? I told Max there were no notes in my file that showed he was having a sale. Max told me he had his assistant director write up the list of changes and he was to have contacted me or 1 of the other cannabis dispensary specialist in the web development team. I had no notice of changes, and I asked him to check with his director. I could make all of the changes in an hour. Max called back an hour later, and apologized. Max said his former assistant director had tried making the changes himself, and all the pricing was screwed up, and some of the items were deleted. Max emailed all the changes that needed done, and the director also needed his cannabis dispensary website completely reevaluated for other troubles. Apparently, his former assistant director had been trying to do a ton of website changes that he wasn’t qualified to do so. It’s a shame the store director hadn’t observed this earlier. I had to labor on the website for a full morning before seeing all the little and not so little mistakes on the cannabis dispensary website.


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