I ran out of money this month and I’m smoking old blunts

I only have a small budget each month for my recreational and medical marijuana supplies.

I was in a terrible car accident a couple of years ago and I had a hard time learning how to walk after rehab was over.

It took 6 months for me to learn how to use my legs again. The only thing that helps with all of the chronic pain is recreational and medical marijuana supplies. At the end of the month, sometimes I run out of money and I don’t have anything left to smoke. A lot of people don’t keep their old blunts and roaches from marijuana joints, but I absolutely keep everything that I can. I put all of my old blunts and marijuana roaches in a bag and at the end of the month, I put those in a bowl and smoke them. It doesn’t taste the best, but I still get high and I get relief from the medical and recreational marijuana products. I ran out of money this month and I was lucky that a friend of mine had some extra marijuana and he didn’t mind sharing. The guy got a whole ounce of marijuana for a really great price. I don’t know where he got the marijuana from, but the bag wasn’t from a dispensary. I know there’s lots of places around town where you can get marijuana for cheaper prices than the dispensary, but I often worry that I am going to get into trouble. As long as my friend is taking the risk and it’s not me, I’m happy to smoke some of his marijuana buds.

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