I should have been more careful with the card

I left our debit card somewhere on Friday even though I had no system where it could possibly be.

Then I went crazy shopping the next day because it was my spouse’s anniversary and our anniversary is both coming up at the same time.

I must have easily visited at least 3 or 4 different shops. I really tried to call many of these locations that I could remember but no one said they had the card. I looked up the card and also canceled it. I did not want a person to access my bank information on the debit cards. The bank said the safest but was really canceling the card. I still asked everywhere about the card from one time to the next. But I believed it was on that no person found our license. I assumed it must have dropped out somewhere that was not inside of a store. I went shopping for new shoes and abruptly remembered one location that I did not check out for my wallet. Behind the shoe store is a marijuana dispensary. The dispensary is difficult to see from the front of the street but it is very easy to see from inside of the shoe store. While I was at the shoe store, I thought hard about buying some marijuana products. I walked over to the dispensary but never really went inside of the place. I thought it was smart to contact the dispensary to see if a person actually dropped my card in the parking lot. The lady told myself and others that she was trying her best to get us for weeks. The debit card that I lost was at the marijuana shop and had been for the past 15 days.


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