I sincerely miss going to the cannabis shop to be entirely honest

As consumers are consistently seeking more convenience plus efficiency in their service, I fear that as a society, we are losing the personal touch.

Many people spend all day just looking at a laptop, plus are too stressed to go out shopping or socializing.

My pals and I are becoming isolated, living off doorstep deliveries plus rarely meeting people in the same place. I am actually guilty of this just like almost everyone else in the country. And then it came to me just the other day that I missed going to the cannabis shop. The shop has an online order form, plus home delivery for all cannabis orders over $150, so I get pretty amazing prices plus convenience. But I miss physically going inside the cannabis shop, talking to the budtenders, plus seeing what’s new. The following morning I decided to head down to the cannabis dispensary for the first time in multiple months. I recognized none of the employees, which was pretty strange because I used to know all the people at the cannabis shop. They had been obtained by a brand new corporate owner, who had changed the name of the cannabis shop plus replaced most of the employees. That was not such a great thing, but it didn’t last long because the remodeled cannabis dispensary was way nicer than it was before. They even had a bargain big for weird plus unregular cannabis products. The prices were pretty relaxing, plus the selection of premium cannabis strains was wonderful, but I was still a little disappointed. The current employees of the cannabis shop weren’t truly friendly, plus none of them seemed to know anything at all about their weed products.

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