I think my roommate is keeping major secrets from me

One roommate of mine has marijuana delivered I think although he is not telling me and others wear these packages mysteriously seem to come from.

I regularly know that that dude has marijuana delivered from a person because on the weekends there are regularly packages waiting for us when we get back from our classes.

One time there was a package on the doorstep in addition to my roommate was freaked out. The mailman was actually supposed to leave the packages somewhere in the college office if we weren’t home. This was an immediate alert to myself and others that there might be something pressing inside of the box that the guy was particularly worried about. We really don’t have too severe troubles with stolen packages so I would be distraught as well when marijuana is being delivered. About 15 minutes or so after the guy got back he disappeared into the bedroom in addition to the apartment was filled with the smell and taste of marijuana. The door was only open slightly after I knocked and started asking questions. The guy told myself and others that he was leaving the house to smoke a joint, but he disappeared with a backpack in addition to his bicycle. He was easily gone for several hours. I believe that the guy is probably getting marijuana in addition to genuinely selling the product to some of the other college students on this campus. I don’t want to rat on the guy so I won’t say anything unless it affects me.


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