I think they perfected the pot brownie

I think it was the local cannabis cafe that entirely inspired me to get back in the living room with my cannabis products.

The cannabis cafe is perhaps my favorite marijuana business in this town.

I appreciate the local cannabis spots for sure. And the fact that they opened the cannabis cafe makes it feel extra special indeed. But I entirely appreciate everything about the cannabis cafe as well as not just the tasty marijuana edibles, however for 1 thing, the cannabis cafe has the best soda pop of any place in town. And that is saying a lot indeed. There are some monster soda pop joints in this town. The atmosphere at the cannabis cafe is like none other though as well as it entirely sets it apart. They have a litany of unusual as well as mouth watering cannabis edibles. But it was their pot brownie that just blew my mind. That had everything to do with the fact that I have been just the actual worst when it came to making pot brownies. Of course, my first few attempts were like a stupid child pouring in some leftover shake as well as stems from a bin of unknown weed. That tasted of compost or worse. But after that I figured out that one has to infuse cannabis oil into the pot brownie mix. Still, I was too lazy as well as just stuck to smoking my sativa or indica. That is until I was inspired to take another shot again at making real pot brownies after all these years. I went step by step as well as created my own cannabutter before baking the best pot brownies I’ve ever made. Maybe not as nice as those found at the cannabis cafe. But not too awful either.

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