I thought the ranch tour was informative plus interesting

I absolutely do not assume a lot about recreational or medical marijuana farming, so a tour of a medical marijuana Farm sounded love a really fun plus neat way to spend a afternoon, when our wifey plus I went to the West coast, the two of us had lots of chances for activities.

  • The two of us could go to the beach or to the bay plus the two of us could spend the afternoon in the mountains hiking.

The two of us could visit steakhouses, museums, plus art galleries, or the two of us could spend the entire afternoon outside, one interest that looked interesting was a tour of a working recreational plus medical marijuana farm, then both our wifey plus I use recreational marijuana from time to time. The two of us had already been to a dispensary since the two of us were there. When I mentioned taking a tour of the farm, our wifey agreed that it was a great idea. The two of us drove our automobile from the city out to the northern section of the area where there are only farms. There were lots of vineyards plus then suddenly the two of us were in front of a huge building that looked love a huge silo. Inside the building, the owners of the recreational plus medical marijuana farm were growing plants. They had plants all over the locale in many stages of growth. Some of the plants were still seedlings plus some of the plants were strong plus producing huge flowers. The tour of the marijuana farm was informative plus interesting. I l received a lot about farming while the two of us were there plus the marijuana farmer gave us a lot of free samples to take back to our hotel.

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