I thought we were friends until my buddy upped the prices

I’ve been getting marijuana from this guy that lives down the street from me for the past 8 months.

He doesn’t charge me as much as the dispensary so I get a better deal.

I was getting 5 grams of concentrate or shatter for 75 bucks with a half ounce of marijuana added on for an extra $25. Sometimes the guy has one gram marijuana concentrate cartridges too. He usually sells those for 20 bucks and the dispensary sells those for twice that much money. I wish the guy had one gram marijuana concentrate cartridges all of the time, because those would be a steal. I’ve been getting the same deal from my guy for the past 8 months and last weekend he told me that the prices are going up. I thought we were friends until he said he was going to raise the prices. I was expecting a couple of bucks, but he said the same deal is going to be $150 instead of $100 and that is a pretty significant increase. I guess it’s time to go back to the marijuana dispensary to see what products they have available, because I’m not going to pay dispensary prices to a guy on the street when I don’t even know if he is getting that stuff from a reputable place. At least that the dispensary, I know that everything is lab tested for quality and accuracy. All of the marijuana strains that go to the lab are tested to make sure that only the best ones are shipped to dispensaries across the state.


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