I tricked my driver into giving me a free pre roll

Every order from the marijuana shop usually comes with a free 1 gram up-to-date home pre-roll.

On Tuesday I ordered from the local marijuana dispensary, because our wife Jo wanted a more up-to-date vape pen cartridge.

I told Jo that I would buy the vape cartridge with our debit card. We went early in the day when the daytime manager was on shift. Jo got a free pre-roll with the purchase… Later that day I was hanging out with Jo and our friends. Jo and I went to the lake and rented a couple of canoes. Jo and I had our fishing poles and supplies for a couple of hours. Jo and I had fishing hooks, bait, beers, and plenty of marijuana. We smoked all of the marijuana that I had, so we decided to order some additional supplies when I got apartment from going to the lake with all of our friends. The delivery driver brought a free pre-roll with our order, because the in-store orders and the delivery orders are technically separate. They use very odd ordering systems. I think that is for certain, because I have been to the store in the day to buy all of the cannabis products I can and then ordered for delivery and obtained another 8 grams of concentrate. The biweekly limit per store is 8 grams and I really ended up with 16 grams of concentrate. There was a legit wonderful buy one and get one for free sale and I took luck of the savings by purchasing 8 grams and getting the next 8 grams for free. I had a couple of duplicate strains, but most of them were different.

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